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Meet Our Pastor!

Matthew Jones, Pastor

At the age of twenty-two, the Lord called me to preach. I studied at a local church that had started a small bible college. This is where I found my wife-to-be. While going to college, I worked for that same church. Doing so allowed me the opportunity to teach in their school, work as a DJ for their radio station, and preach in their chapel services.

I also learned how to teach Sunday School, run a bus route, and conduct a children's church.

Those were busy times, and I have fond memories of those days. However, the Lord chose not to use me in any preaching engagements until years later. I call those years the 'silent years'. I often wondered what God had in His plan for my life. I worked a secular job, and still do, but I hungered to preach the Word of God.

My family moved to another city, and we found a wonderful church to be a part of. When the pastor found out that I am called to preach, he didn't hesitate to allow me the opportunity to do so for him. Ever since then, I've been blessed by God's using me to preach His Word.

I hope to, one day, be in full time service for my Master. Until then, I will continue to stay busy for Him.


                                   In Christ,

                    Matthew Jones

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